My Story

In October 2017, my life changed when my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV Stomach Cancer.  As a caregiver, I journeyed with my mom every step of the way through her battle for life.  During her battle she developed a sensitivity to all fragrances, and was unable to enjoy burning her candles, vanilla being her favorite.    

Unfortunately, she lost her battle in November 2018.  The sadness that was felt by her loss, born a business that I hope to bring happiness to the soul as it has done for me.  My mom was truly a fighter, and I vow to continue the fight by bringing awareness to Stomach Cancer.  You will see hues of periwinkle, as periwinkle is the color that represents Stomach Cancer.  The periwinkle  candle in my logo signifies the light that continues to burn for my mom.

In honor of my mom, a portion of profits will be donated for Stomach Cancer research.  To help support this cause click here

All candles are eco-friendly made with all natural soy wax.  They are phthalate free and are handmade and hand poured in Northern California by me. All fragrances are carefully selected by me.  I'm intentional in providing the best quality product possible.

Welcome to Happy Soul Candles!