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Luxury Gold 3-Wick Vessel- Coastal Forest (16 oz)

Luxury Gold 3-Wick Vessel- Coastal Forest (16 oz)

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Introducing our Coastal Forest candle. This custom harmonious blend of the invigorating scent of a coastal beach and the crisp, refreshing aroma of Fraser fir trees. This exquisite fragrance evokes the sensation of strolling along a pristine, sandy shore as the gentle sea breeze carries the essence of salty ocean waves and the bracing scent of evergreen trees. The Coastal Forest candle seamlessly marries the soothing, woodsy and marine notes with the invigorating, earthy tones of Fraser fir, creating an enchanting olfactory experience that captures the beauty of both worlds. Illuminate your space with this candle and let it transport you to a coastal forest haven, where the sea and the forest converge in perfect harmony. 

Vessel Description

The three-wick gold candle vessel made from hand-blown glass is a luxurious and captivating piece of artistry. 

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