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Happy Soul Candles

Vanilla 3-Wick Soy Candle (16oz)

Vanilla 3-Wick Soy Candle (16oz)

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Vanilla is a popular and timeless classic.  It emanates a warm and comforting atmosphere.  This scent has rich and creamy notes.

As you light the candle, the soft glow illuminates the room, creating a cozy ambiance.  The scent of vanilla begins to fill the air, gently wafting around and soothing your senses.  The aroma is rich and sweet, reminiscent of fresh baked goods or a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream.  It carries a subtle sweetness with a hint of warmth, creating a sense of relaxation and nostalgia. 

Whether used for relaxation, creating a romantic ambiance, or simply enhancing the atmosphere of a room, vanilla is a classic choice that brings comfort and joy to your space.

Fragrance Profile:

Top: Buttercream

Middle: Cake, Vanilla

Base: Bourbon, Sugar

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